Senator Steve Fenberg | What we just accomlished
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What we just accomlished

08 May What we just accomlished


Today was the final day of the 2019 legislative session. We set out with an ambitious agenda, and I’m incredibly proud of all that we’ve accomplished for Coloradans over the past 120 days. It’s impossible to adequately summarize the session’s accomplishments in a single email, but here are a few of the greatest hits. We passed over 400 bills this year and I’m proud to say that 95% of them had bi-partisan support.

  • We enacted a reinsurance bill which will assist health insurers in paying high-cost insurance claims. By reducing system-wide costs and paying for a portion of high-cost claims, we can reduce premiums for all Coloradans.
  • We’ve increased transparency regarding medical billing to protect consumers from things like surprise bills from out of network providers.
  • We increased access to programs and services for those in need of treatment for opioid and substance use disorders.
  • We expanded dental services to pregnant women covered under the children’s basic health plan.
  • We’ve authorized the state to investigate a public health care option for all Coloradans.
  • We’ve authorized a pilot program for cooperative medical insurance programs in rural areas.
  • We created the Office of Saving People Money on Healthcare.
  • We’ve authorized the state to import prescription drugs from Canada, which will increase cost savings for Colorado consumers.

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later

We’re all pretty exhausted from session. I’m looking forward to taking a break for a few days, but stay tuned for updates on an end of session town hall with Speaker Becker and Representative Hooten. And as always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or issues that are important to you. I’ll be working all summer to identify and develop priorities for next session and would love to hear from you.