Senator Steve Fenberg | The Final Days of Session
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The Final Days of Session

07 Jun The Final Days of Session

It’s day 112 of the 2021 legislative session.

We’ve officially rounded third base and are in the homestretch.
But… so. much. work. happens in the homestretch.

Things have been moving quickly on a handful of my bills. Check out what’s been going on in Majority Leader Land™:

  • HB21-1304, to establish universal Pre-K in Colorado passed the Senate unanimously! This legislation lays the foundation for how Colorado will fund, coordinate, and address accessible early childhood education.
  • HB21-1164, making a fix to our school funding system, recently got the go ahead from the Colorado Supreme Court! For months, we patiently waited to hear the fate of our bill to create more equitable revenue streams – and finally the Court’s decision was made official!
  • HB21-1290, allocating millions of dollars to the Office of Just Transition, will allow us to protect workers in communities that are transitioning from fossil fuel dependency to new clean energy projects.


From the Caucus:

Senate Dems have also been making a whole lot of progress in these final few weeks of session. All of the following bills have passed the Senate, and will either head to the House for final votes, or head to the Governor’s desk for signature:

  • We unanimously passed a package of bills to create spending plans for the $3.8 billion of federal aid we received from the American Rescue Plan. More to come on this, but now we’ve officially charted our path forward.
  • SB21-087, establishing an Agricultural Workers’ Bill of Rights, grants new rights to workers on everything from wages to union organizing.
  • SB21-176, codifies protections for Colorado workers against unsafe and inappropriate workplace conditions.
  • SB21-273, a pre-trial reform bill, seeks to stop our destructive cycles of over-policing and restore trust in the criminal justice system.
  • A trio of life-saving gun violence prevention bills:
    • HB21-1298, strengthens background checks to include violent misdemeanors as a prohibitor for firearm purchases.
    • HB21-1299, establishing the Office of Gun Violence Prevention,which will provide education on Colorado’s existing gun safety laws and research root causes of gun violence in our state.
    • HB21-1255, requires those facing domestic violence protection orders to report their firearms.
  • A package of tax reform bills:
    • HB21-1311 & HB21-1312, both of which will close tax loopholes for corporations, keeping money in the pockets of Colorado families, workers, and small businesses.


We’re almost home, folks.

Although we originally hoped to wrap things up by end of May, there’s still too much good stuff to get done. We still need to take further action on solidifying our state’s climate action goals, to help families and small businesses continuing to struggle financially, make our tax system more fair and progressive, and advance voting rights.

So, the plan is to keep working as long as it takes to get it all done – until we’re cut off by the constitutional 120 day deadline that falls on June 12th, that is.

And as we wrap up, I’m relying on only my most trusted advisors. Namely, my daughter Isa.

If only you knew the policy debates we get into…