Senator Steve Fenberg | So much happening: Transportation, elections, guns, public lands, and much more.
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So much happening: Transportation, elections, guns, public lands, and much more.

11 May So much happening: Transportation, elections, guns, public lands, and much more.


The past several weeks have truly been a whirlwind. I’m definitely feeling the full weight of session, as several of my priority bills have started moving forward. I’ll forgive you if you haven’t been able to keep up with all that’s been going on…

Here’s a quick round-up of where
several priority bills currently stand:


SB21-260 was introduced in the Senate earlier this week, and will be heard in Finance committee on Monday!

We set out to craft this major transportation package with three goals in mind:

  1. Saving Coloradans money and time spent on the roads.
  2. Creating a transportation system that supports a dynamic economy while improving air quality.
  3. Establishing a sustainable funding source for Colorado’s transportation system.

After 100s of hours of stakeholding, we’re proud to finally put forward this long-term, transformative plan for Colorado’s transportation system.











SB21-256 will be heard in committee next Tuesday, May 11th. If you’d like to provide testimony in person, remotely, or written, you can sign up in advance here.

This is the bill that repeals the state preemption that currently bars local governments from implementing their own firearm regulations. For example, this legislation will allow Boulder to reinstate their local assault weapons ban that was recently overturned.



SB21-249 passed through the Agriculture & Natural Resources committee and has two more committees go to before it’s on the Senate floor in a few weeks!

The Keep Colorado Wild Pass – a new, discounted state parks pass – will make our A+ state parks system more accessible to all Coloradans.

Over the past year, our state parks have been struggling to keep up with increased use and growing demand. The Keep CO Wild Pass will generate much needed revenue to make investments in our public lands, outdoor recreation and safety, and wildlife conservation – so everyone can continue to enjoy the great outdoors for generations to come.




SB21-250 passed through committee this week and will be heard on the Senate floor soon!

We already know that Colorado is a national role model for secure, accessible, and fair elections. Even so, each year we take a look at our voting system to identify any adjustments and improvements that are needed to make our election system even better.

So as we see states like Georgia and Florida severely limit voting rights, here in Colorado we’re doing the opposite. This bill modernizes our voter registration system, improves drop boxes and Voting Service and Polling Centers, and ensures voting is free from partisan interference.



HB21-1304 was introduced in the House this week!

Last November voters overwhelmingly agreed to support universal access to high-quality preschool – demonstrating a real commitment to equitable child care in Colorado. This legislation will create the Colorado Department of Early Childhood, which will include the new universal Pre-K program.



SB21-246 passed through committee and will be heard on the Senate floor soon!

Upgrading all of our buildings and homes to be able to run on clean electricity would mean a huge reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions. How huge? Fully electrifying by 2050 is expected to result in net emissions reductions of 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide – equal to taking 1.7 million passenger vehicles off the road!

This bill is a key step forward in getting Colorado on the right track towards full electrification!

As you can tell, I’m in for a busy final month of session. I have so appreciated all of your engagement over the past few months, and look forward to continuing to hear from you in the coming weeks.