Senator Steve Fenberg | New Laws of the Land
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New Laws of the Land

01 Jul New Laws of the Land


We’re a few weeks out from the last day of the 2021 legislative session. Which means Gov. Polis is wrapping up a whirlwind statewide tour to get the legislature’s 502 new bills signed into law!

It’s been great to attend a handful of these signings to celebrate the culmination of so much hard work from colleagues, advocates, and many, many stakeholders.

A few signing highlights below, along with a full list of my bills that have been signed by the Governor.



I was honored to be joined by Boulder leaders for the signing of SB 256, Local Regulation of Firearms.

With the passage of this bill, Boulder will soon be able to reinstate their assault weapons ban that was overturned just days before the King Soopers shooting.





I joined Sen. Winter, Rep. Gray, and Speaker Garnett at Floyd Hill on I-70 for the signing of the historic legislation that is SB 260, Sustainability of the Transportation System. Floyd Hill is an infamous bottleneck zone of    I-70 that will see a major renovation made possible by the funding in thi
s bill.

I’m so proud of how this legislation is going to bring Colorado’s transportation system into the 21st century. It’s been a long time coming.




On a very foggy day (I was promised a panoramic view of the mountains…) I joined Reps. Will and Tipper at Golden Gate Canyon State Park for the signing of SB 249, which creates the new, discounted Keep Colorado Wild Pass.

This pass is one of the most impactful things we can do to maintain the high quality of our state parks, while opening up access to all Coloradans, regardless of income.



And a full list of my bills that have
now been signed by Governor Polis:

  • SB 261 – making landmark improvements to Colorado’s distributed generation policies
  • SB 246 – incentivizing electrification of our homes and buildings
  • HB 1304 – laying the foundation for Universal Pre-K in Colorado
  • SB 291 – creating the economic recovery and relief cash fund to spend federal funding from the American Rescue Plan
  • SB 029 – providing in-state tuition to members of American Indian tribes with historical ties to Colorado
  • SB 250 – further modernizing Colorado’s elections system
  • SB 252 – creating a community revitalization grant program
  • HB 1323 – honoring King Soopers shooting victim Teri Leiker with a new Special Olympics license plate
  • HB 1290 – allocating additional funding to the Office of Just Transition
  • SB 166 – implementing new recommendations to the Wildfire Commission
  • SB 103 – continuing the Office of Consumer Counsel
  • HB 1071 – allowing municipalities to adopt Ranked Choice Voting
  • SB 244 – providing healthcare to legislative aides 
  • SB 113 – purchasing a state of the art wildfire fighting helicopter, the Firehawk
  • HB 1164 – making a fix to our school finance formula to create more equitable revenue streams between districts
  • SB 272 – funding many of the environmental bills passed this session


I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone involved in my slate of bills this session. Whether through testimony, advocacy work, an email or phone call, your voice helped shape progress this year.