Senator Steve Fenberg | Leadership Announces the Colorado Recovery Plan
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Leadership Announces the Colorado Recovery Plan

11 Mar Leadership Announces the Colorado Recovery Plan

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to send the American Rescue Plan to President Biden’s desk. This is a sweeping $1.9 trillion stimulus package to provide direct relief to most Americans, funding to safely reopen schools, investments in COVID-19 testing and tracing, and it will effectively cut child poverty in half. It’s a really big deal.

As broad and bold as that plan is, we also know that it’s not going to reach every part of Colorado that it needs to. So, at the exact same time they voted on their rescue plan, we unveiled our own. The Colorado Recovery Plan will take care of our small businesses, revitalize our infrastructure, support hardworking Colorado families, and make investments in our workforce and rural Colorado. With this package, we intend to fill in the gaps from the federal plan so we can speed up our recovery and rebuild a more just and resilient Colorado.

Last year our economic outlook seemed pretty bleak. Predictions did not bode well for revenue, so we made budget cuts – a lot of budget cuts. But by the end of the year it became clear that things were not as bad as expected, and we were left with surplus dollars that could be allocated to one time stimulus spending.

Between these two plans, Colorado is looking at billions of dollars of relief. It’s – well – a ton of money. But rest assured we have been in thoughtful, bipartisan conversation on how to best allocate these dollars, so we’re addressing the crisis right in front of us, while also laying the groundwork for long term recovery and prosperity in Colorado.

So what does this all mean for you? In short, a whole lot of relief.

Here’s the breakdown of the federal plan:

As for the Colorado Recovery Plan, we’ll be rolling out specific bills in the next few weeks to build Colorado back stronger. You can read more about the nuts and bolts of the package here.

Rebuilding our economy takes all of us. I’m grateful to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for their collaboration on this essential recovery plan. Their partnership has resulted in an even stronger stimulus package for all Coloradans.

Have questions, comments, concerns about the two stimulus packages and how you’ll be able to access these resources? Reach out to my office at, or 303-866-4872.