Senator Steve Fenberg | Announcing CO’s Transpo Future (+ a Town Hall)
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Announcing CO’s Transpo Future (+ a Town Hall)

22 Mar Announcing CO’s Transpo Future (+ a Town Hall)

Last week, I announced the initial details of something that’s been in the making for more than a year–a bill to finally tackle Colorado’s massive transportation challenges.

For years, Colorado has struggled to figure out a sustainable way to modernize and fund transportation. I believe this is the year we finally meet those challenges with a real solution that not only reduces congestion, but that does so with the seriousness that our air quality and climate crisis deserve. This broad transportation package my cosponsors and I have put together will address our existing challengesin the short term, while future-proofing our revenue streams for the long term.

We think it’s aggressively reasonable…and reasonably aggressive.

We’re letting folks chew on the initial details, and in a few weeks we’ll formally introduce a bill in the Capitol. Stay tuned for more updates on this important piece of legislation. It’s been months in the making and I’m excited to release the full details soon.

In other news…

Meanwhile, it’s full steam ahead at the Capitol. We’ve been hard at work on legislation to help Colorado recover from the pandemic and be poised for a more equitable future. Some recent updates on a few of my bills:


Fighting for Fair Education Funding

My Mill Levy Tax Credit bill with Sen. Zenzinger passed second reading. It’s an important step in fixing the structural inequities in Colorado’s school funding system to ensure every student has access to the quality of education they deserve.With this bill, we passed a resolution to send the question of how we fairly and sufficiently fund our schools to the Colorado Supreme Court. They’ll review the state’s authority to align our tax system and county mill levies to adequately fund our education system.




Preparing Better for Wildfires

My bill to purchase a state-of-the-art wildfire aircraft has officially been signed by Governor Polis. The Firehawk helicopter will be able to more quickly respond to and put out wildfires before they get out of control. Although I’m also working on legislation for fire mitigation to help prevent massive fires, this is a critical step for being able to respond to the type of fire seasons we had last year.




This Week’s Town Hall

Clearly, there’s a lot in motion right now, and we have plenty of updates we’d like to share. I hope you’ll join me, Rep. Hooton, and Rep. Amabile this Wednesday, March 24th at 5:30 PM for a virtual town hall to hear more about what has been going on in the Capitol, and what’s still to come.Register for the town hall here.

Have specific questions you’d like answered? Submit them in advance here.

In addition to joining the virtual town hall on Wednesday, I encourage you to keep up with my work on my Twitter and Facebook, and reach out directly to and 303-866-4872.