Senator Steve Fenberg | A Few Bill Updates
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A Few Bill Updates

06 Mar A Few Bill Updates



A few bill updates




  • SB 100: Repeal the Death Penalty
    The Colorado legislature has officially passed the bill to repeal the death penalty in Colorado. It is now headed to the Governor’s desk to officially become the law of the land. A ton of work from advocates, victims, and legislators has gone into bringing this historic bill across the finish line!
  • SB 189: Local Control of Pesticides
    With SB 189, I am fighting to give municipalities in Colorado the power to protect local public health, water, and land. It will be heard in the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources committee on March 19.
  • HB 1057: Wildfire Risk Mitigation Grant Program
    This passed the Senate on March 4 and will head to the Governor’s office shortly. This important bill will provide funding for wildfire mitigation efforts across the state.
  • HB 1158: Infertility Treatments in Health Plans
    This bill expands health benefits to cover infertility diagnosis and its treatment, as well as fertility preservation services. It will be heard in Senate Appropriations on March 6.
  • HB 1336: Genocide Prevention
    This is a bipartisan bill that I’m sponsoring which will require that Holocaust and genocide studies be taught in public schools in Colorado, so that the voices of the survivors of these horrific tragedies are never forgotten and to prevent the societal factors that can lead to these atrocious acts. It will be heard in the House Education committee on March 12.



The air quality bill I have been working on is scheduled for introduction NEXT week! This legislation will be the next step in the long fight to ensure all Coloradans are able to breathe clean air. This bill is likely to be a big fight, so please stay tuned on how you can help me get it done!

I am hosting an informal meet-and-greet in a couple weeks and would love to have a beer with you and chat.

Asher Brewing Company | Wed March 18th @ 6pm

All of the details will be on my website and on the Facebook event. Be on the lookout for more dates to be announced.



As always, please feel free to reach out with any comments, questions or ideas you may have. You can always call me at 303-866-4872 or email at