Senator Steve Fenberg | The final week of session
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The final week of session

01 May The final week of session


The final week of the legislative session is upon us, but there are still a ton of big bills we need to get across the finish line. Here’s a quick preview of a few priorities that are left in the Senate as we race to the finish on Friday at midnight.

Climate Action Plan
HB1261, the Colorado Climate Action Plan, will come up for a vote in the Senate this week. It creates a path for massive carbon reductions economy-wide and is a huge step for Colorado in combating the climate crisis.
Comprehensive Sex Education
We believe every student in Colorado deserves access to accurate information regarding their health and wellbeing — including complete information about consent, birth control and pregnancy, abstinence, and how students can protect themselves from STDs. Read the bill HERE.
Health Care Affordability
We’re debating two bills to lower the cost of health care. HB19-1174 seeks to protect consumers by increasing transparency regarding medical billing, specifically surprise bills from out of network providers. HB19-1168 would allow the state to assist health insurers in paying high-cost insurance claims. By reducing system-wide costs and paying for a portion of high-cost claims, we can reduce premiums for all Coloradans.
College Savings for Kids
My bill to automatically open a college savings account for every child born or adopted in Colorado has one final vote! Our goal is to help alleviate the financial burden of higher education by helping families save for education from day one.
Protecting Mobile Home Owners
Through HB1309, we’re working to address the abuses mobile home owners experience. This bill establishes a way to enforce the Mobile Home Park Safety Act and increases protections for property owners.


Youth Suicide Prevention
Colorado has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the country and this must change. In an effort to reduce barriers to help, my bill, HB1120, lowers the age that children can access therapy provided by mental health professionals without parental consent and expands mental health education.

Time to finish strong

We’ve accomplished a ton so far this session–from sweeping oil and gas reforms, to campaign finance, to providing full day kindergarten for every family in the state. There’s a lot to be proud of so far, but there’s always still more work to do. Let’s make sure we end on Friday without leaving anything on the field.

If you’re interested, you can livestream the floor proceedings online and follow along.

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