Senator Steve Fenberg | Sweeping Oil & Gas Reforms Introduced
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Sweeping Oil & Gas Reforms Introduced

20 Mar Sweeping Oil & Gas Reforms Introduced




Today I introduced a bill that will finally bring change to the way the oil and gas industry operates in Colorado. For too long, the legislature has stood in the way of common sense reforms that would keep communities safe and protect the Colorado we love. It’s been over 60 years since meaningful changes have been made to our oil and gas laws, and our communities have been forced to bear the steep consequences.


We’ve spent hundreds of hours meeting with experts, studying what other states do, visiting impacted communities, and dissecting policy proposals to create the smartest approach possible.


Here’s a rundown of our top priorities:


1. Put health and safety first: Clarify the mission of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is to regulate oil & gas activities, NOT to foster the development of oil & gas.


2. Empower local communities: Give local governments the power to regulate oil and gas operations, and clarify local governments can go beyond state regulations.


3. Protect the environment from oil and gas drilling: Strengthen protections for wildlife, direct air quality experts to adopt common sense rules to reduce harmful emissions including methane, and fix and prevent abandoned orphan wells.


4. Protect property owners form forced pooling: Increase the threshold required to “force pool” mineral interest owners. Current law requires permission from just one mineral right owner. We’re changing that to at least a majority of mineral rights owners.


For the policy wonks out there, you can read the full bill HERE.

Introducing this bill is only the beginning. The oil and gas industry is prepared to spend millions of dollars to kill this bill. But I’m committed to getting it across the finish line, and I need your help. The bill will be heard in committee Tuesday, March 5th at 1:30pm. Please come show your support!