Senator Steve Fenberg | Advancing the Innovation Economy
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Advancing the Innovation Economy

14 Feb Advancing the Innovation Economy

Advancing the Innovation Economy

Yesterday, the Senate unanimously passed my first bill, the Digital Token Act, which will modernize how Colorado regulates blockchain technologies.

I’ve had the honor of serving on the Colorado Council for the Advancement of Blockchain Technology for the past several months and this is the first piece of legislation to come out of that work. If the bill passes the House, Colorado will become the national leader in how states handle this new technology, making Colorado one of the friendliest places for these new entrepreneurs and businesses.

What is blockchain exactly? This little video breaks down some of the basics, but long story short is that it’s a decentralized “ledger” that securely tracks and accounts information. The most commonly known use is bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency, but the potential applications are endless–from securing our election system to deploying renewable energy.


Check out my guest editorial in this past Sunday’s Daily Camera where I lay out what I see as priorities for the 2019 legislative session.

We’ve held a few town halls already, one at Rayback Collective with 400 (!) people and the other on a Saturday morning at Frasier Meadows retirement home. I know that everyone prefers to engage in the process in different ways, so I’ll be hosting a variety of types of town hall formats. Here are a few I’ve got coming up in case you want to put them on your calendar:

  • Community Meetup | Feb 7th @ 6pm
  • Town Hall w/ Speaker Becker & Rep Hooton | Feb 21st @ 6pm
  • Community Meetup | March 6th @ 6pm

Locations are TBD and all of the details will be on my website.

Tackling Student Debt

This Wednesday, I have a bill up in committee with my colleague Senator Tammy Story. Senate Bill 57is part of my effort to address the crippling amount of student loan debt in Colorado. The bill will increase access that employees have to information about federal loan repayment and loan forgiveness programs.
Serene Singh, the first woman from CU Boulder to receive a Rhodes Scholarship, came to the Senate last Friday to receive a tribute congratulating her on her accomplishment. We wish Serene the best of luck at Oxford in the fall! Something tells us that we’ll all be hearing about Serene in the future.
The legislative session has only just begun and we have a lot of work ahead of us. Please do not hesitate to reach out about a bill you care about or an issue that is important to you.