Senator Steve Fenberg | Week 3
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Week 3

07 Feb Week 3

February 7th, 2017


What a week!

Thanks again for attending my first town hall as your state senator! We experienced a record turnout for this type of event. I’m excited to do it again tonight and next month! You all provided me with a renewed energy to keep moving forward and actively fight for our values here at the Capitol.


Up next

Up next, my bill on energy storage will be heard in the Business, Labor, and Technology Committee tomorrow (Wednesday, February 8th) afternoon. As you know, the bill recognizes the right of utility customers to install and use their own energy storage systems. It encourages investment in renewable energy and the diversification of Colorado’s energy grid. The bill has gained traction, with support across the aisle, and will hopefully receive a fair shot in committee.


Get fired up

While the national political scene takes over much our attention, very similar activities are happening right here in Colorado. Does the senate bill to repeal our state health care exchange get you fired up? How about the house bills attacking women’s rights and promoting discrimination based on “religious freedom? Or, on a more positive note, a national popular vote agreement for the state? We may have the minority in the state senate, but we have the numbers on the ground. Stay involved by showing up to committee hearings, calling elected officials (not only me but also bill sponsors, committee members, swing voters, etc), attending rallies, organizing events, and continuing to fight the good fight at every step of the way.


Stay in the loop

I’ve received a few emails and phone calls from those of you who would like to opt-in to text message updates. If interested in receiving text alerts on upcoming bills, events, and actions, sign up here with your contact info. We’ll take care of the behind-the-scenes work and make it as easy as possible for you to show up and make your voice heard; all you have to do is sign up!



Steve Fenberg
Senate District 18