Senator Steve Fenberg | Week 2
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Week 2

30 Jan Week 2

January 30th, 2017


A Rite of Passage…

Last week I experienced a rite of passage with my first bill dying in committee. The bill would have improved how our democratic process works in Colorado by measuring and tracking average wait times for voters at polling places. As a member of the committee, I had the chance to cast the first vote on my first bill. Unfortunately, the bill died along party lines, even though the bill had strong bipartisan support from both the Republican and Democratic parties of Colorado. I’m hoping to bring the concept back either later this session or next year. More on that later.


Two New Bills: Student Debt & Energy

I introduced two new bills this week, both on issues incredibly important to the future of our state. The first bill, SB17-147, seeks to help folks navigate the burden of student debt by assisting Coloradans who have student loans. The bill creates a program to proactively educate Coloradans who work as teachers, at nonprofits, for cities and counties, etc. and are eligible for either student loan forgiveness or lower debt repayments.

The other bill, SB17-145, I just introduced creates a plan for Colorado to build a 21st Century energy grid ready for innovation, such as increased solar power, distributed storage, and smart technologies. Think of this as analogous to installing fiberoptic cable as a way to plan for future high-tech industries. It’s good for the economy and the planet, and it will create more resilient communities throughout our state–all while saving us money by creating efficiencies and more cost-effective energy sources.


I’ll be working with House members to cosponsor more legislation for the Senate as the session continues. If you have any questions or input so far, please always feel free to send me a note, give my office a call at 303-866-4872, and visit my Facebook page for more information.


Steve Fenberg
Senate District 18